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Should College Ban Alcohol - Research Proposal Example

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The paper “Should College Ban Alcohol?” discusses the thesis statement: whether colleges should ban alcohol or not, is a matter of institutional integrity, the law, and morals. Colleges allow students to drink though within certain regulations that promote order…
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Should College Ban Alcohol
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Download file to see previous pages Coupled with many other problems, the freedom to drink alcohol in colleges has been seen to be responsible for a number of social ills. A section of the society feels that colleges should ban alcohol so that students do not drink on campus (Correia 56). Similarly, there are also others who feel that colleges should not ban alcohol. Both sides of the argument have advanced various reasons for their arguments. Nothing much in those two wide opinions has changed. The debate still rages.
Pro-Alcohol Ban in Colleges Arguments
Alcohol Drinking in Colleges Impact Negatively in Learning Outcomes
To begin with, supporting side of the argument on whether colleges should ban alcohols has advanced various reasons for this position. Research results published in AlcoholEdu between 2008-2009 found out that alcoholism in college impacts negatively on learning objectives and outcome. The authors say, “The number of drinks consumed correlates with the number of classes missed.” By this, the authors imply that the more a student drinks in college, the more such a student will be inclined to miss classes. The authors feel that it should be the responsibility of the society to shape the development of such student so that do not waste study time. The strength of this assertion is that it logically points out that missed classes may most likely result in a fail grade in the unit concerned. Therefore, as such students mature up with time, they should be guided on the right path by banning alcohol on campus. Even so, it appears that such an argument is weak in the sense that it insinuates that colleges should babysit adult students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should College Ban Alcohol Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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