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If I witnessed a fellow co-worker, who is a prison guard beat an inmate for no real reason other than because he has authority, I would not take any action. Showing the inmates that we as guards are divided would give them a chance to do whatever they please (Ibsen, 2013)…
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(Criminal justice) Ethical Issues
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Ethics and Criminal Punishment Discussion post: If I witnessed a fellow co-worker, who is a prison guard beat an inmate for no real reason other than because he has authority, I would not take any action. Showing the inmates that we as guards are divided would give them a chance to do whatever they please (Ibsen, 2013). Living peacefully with one another is more important than trying to stop the guard from doing what pleases him. Looking away from where the guard is would be the best option so that I do not feel emotional about the situation. Looking away will stop me from intervening and it could break our peaceful co existence with my co-worker (Cressey, 1959).
I would not contact the higher authorities because involving them would cause more trouble than the one that is there. The higher authorities can possibly take an action against the guard that is not relevant to the mistake of beating an inmate for no reason (Grusky, 1999).
Response post:
The post is well written and is based on facts. I agree with the post that an increase in the correctional salary would cause a decrease in corruption since most people do not have limits for what money is enough for them. The student has given an example to explain how increase in the salary would not have any effect on corruption. There is no specific amount of money that can be said to be enough to an individual to prevent corruption. The question should be are there any ways that income can be supplemented except through corruption?
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Prison. Administrative Science Quarterly, 4(1), 1-19.
Ibsen, A. Z. (2013). Ruling by Favors: Prison Guards Informal Exercise of Institutional Control.
Law & Social Inquiry, 38(2), 342-363.
Grusky, O. (1999). Role Conflict in Organization: A Study of Prison Camp Officials.
Administrative Science Quarterly, 3(4), 452-472 Read More
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((Criminal Justice) Ethical Issues Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
(Criminal Justice) Ethical Issues Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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