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This paper declares that according to Nye and Keohane, the concept of complex interdependence relates to three hypothetical characteristics that include multiple channels between societies, multiple issues, and the irrelevance of the threat or use of force among pluralist democracies…
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Complex Interdependence According To Nye and Keohane
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Nye and Keohane used the concept of complex interdependence in the 1970s for purposes of describing the eminent relationships involving pluralist democracies (115). According to Nye and Keohane, the concept of complex interdependence relates to three hypothetical characteristics that include multiple channels between societies, multiple issues, and the irrelevance of the threat or use of force among pluralist democracies (Keohane and Nye 115). Notably, the multiple channels between societies depicted multiple actors while the multiple issues do not follow a clear hierarchy. The two authors argued that bilateral relationships between French vs. German and U.S vs. Canadian determined the three hypothetical characteristics of complex interdependence (Keohane and Nye 115). Nye and Keohane argued that the concept of complex interdependence in the 1970s emanated from international monetary relations (Keohane and Nye 115). In this context, the significance of international organizations would therefore change. According to them, the concept of complex interdependence would change global politics. This would derive from the assertion that state policies and processes would have different objectives and instruments. Indeed, under complex interdependence, global politics would be universal where economic, environmental, and social globalism levels would increase as military globalism reduces (Keohane and Nye 115).
Keohane and Nye think that the concept of complex interdependence will lead to a reduction of military globalism since powerful nations with reliable expectations will not use force to solve global differences (Keohane and Nye 115). More so, the politics of complex interdependence would be universal and hence limited chances of military globalism. Regional powers with reliable needs will desist from using force to solve global conflicts. In addition, world powers like U.S facilitated and funded the establishment of postwar international institutions like IMF, UN, World Bank, and NATO that safeguarded and promoted the concept of complex interdependence (Keohane and Nye 115). Moreover, the rise in economic, environmental, and social globalism levels would motivate world leaders in pluralist democracies to solve territorial disputes out of fear of economic and social development distractions that would deny such democracies significant investment capital (Keohane and Nye 115).
I think this prediction has only achieved minimal success in the 14 years since they wrote this article. Indeed, the expansion of areas of complex interdependence has fostered the decline of military globalism in Eastern Europe (Keohane and Nye 115). The rising levels of economic and social globalism have motivated world leaders to solve territorial disputes without involving the military. As a result, most developed democracies depict minimal interstate use and threat of military force (Keohane and Nye 116). However, military globalism manifested during the cold war when U.S and the Soviet Union established a balance of terror. Additionally, military globalism was alive during the September 11 attacks where terrorists in Afghanistan launched attacks on America. Indeed, the recent attacks between Israel and Palestinian that disregard international treaties confirm the presence of military globalism in the modern world. As such, it is clear that the prediction by Keohane and Nye has only achieved minimal success in the 14 years since they wrote this article.
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Keohane, Robert, and Joseph S. Nye, Jr. “Globalization: What's New? What's Not? (And So What?).” Foreign Policy 118 (Spring, 2000): 104-119. Print. Read More
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