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Reporter’s privilege or the protection given by the law to reporter’s not to divulge their source or be compelled to give out confidential information must not be abused. Abuse can come in the form of a government order for a reporter to give out his or her source/s using…
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Edward Snowden: The Inside Story
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Teacher Can “Reporters’ Privilege” be abused? Discuss. Reporter’s privilege or the protection given by the law to reporter’s not to divulge their source or be compelled to give out confidential information must not be abused. Abuse can come in the form of a government order for a reporter to give out his or her source/s using national security or other reasons to abuse the reporter’s privilege. Reporter’s privilege should not be therefore abused because it is the reporter’s defense against the tyrannical tendency of the government not to be mention that it is one of the ethical pillar of journalism not to divulge sources. In addition, reporter’s privilege is also protected by the First Amendment.
2. The media plays a significant roles for the society – what ethical issues are raised in each of the roles they play, watchdog, deliberation, agenda-setting, and informative?
In the case of Edward Snowden’s leak, media must be careful to weigh the good as well as the bad that such leak will bring to society. Ethical questions such as “will we benefit or will it endanger us as a society?” must be asked. Again in this case, the danger of a government having a free reign on our private lives under the justification of security (with the video putting it as “Collect it all, sniff it all and process it all) is far greater than exposing them to public increase awareness and for the government to become respectful of our privacy which indeed happen when Obama announced that measures were taken to ensure the privacy of each citizen.
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"Edward Snowden: The Inside Story - by Peter Mansbridge." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 7 Oct. 2014. . Read More
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