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The author of this essay "Economic Impact of Peacekeeping" touches upon the role of the economy in the process of peacekeeping. According to the text, the war-torn countries have been helped by the UN peacekeeping forces that have helped restore stability in many countries…
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Economic Impact of Peacekeeping
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Economic Impact of Peacekeeping The economic impact of peacekeeping is an interesting topic that I came across as was doing my research. Previously I focused on the post conflict growth in various countries that had been hit with a civil war. The war- torn countries have been helped by the UN peacekeeping forces that have helped restore stability in many countries of the world. In my view supported by research, peacekeeping can restore peace and security thus restoring the legal economy viable again (Garnahan, Durch & Gilmore, 200). Additionally, a strong legal economy will support the peace and security of the country as more jobs will be created for the citizens of that country. The topic gives me a chance to highlight the importance of peace in economic development. Any country at war its economy grows backwards and investors will not invest in that country thus leading to high level of unemployment.
What does a peace- keeping mission help in the economy of the country? What are the challenges associated with the peacekeeping missions across the world? Peacekeeping mission is an activity that provides peace and security in a country affected by conflict. Peacekeeping missions have helped countries like Kosovo, Timor Leste, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Liberia, Burundi, and Ivory Coast restore stability (Garnahan, Durch & Gilmore, 2006). Peace keeping mission is crucial for the propriety of the continent. According to Nibishaka, “When it brings about peace in the continent, it creates an environment that is conducive to reconstruction and development in our region and possibilities of faster economic development" (Nibishaka, 2011.p.2). Despite the positive role played by peacekeeping missions towards the growth of the economy, it is faced with various challenges. Some of the challenges include the operations of peacekeeping missions sometimes cannot be sustained by the developing country, and a mission sometimes takes policies without understanding their impact on the local economy. Finally, there is the uneven distribution of economic impact by the geographic area or ethnic groups (Garnahan, Durch & Gilmore, 2006).
Consequently, the questions raised above are critical to the fact that peacekeeping play a crucial role for the growth of any economy. The economy determines the many things including the living status of the concerned citizens. If stability is not in a country, the life will be difficult in that country. In my opinion, nobody likes war and from my perspective, stability is the only to economic development of any country.
My audience involves leaders of countries all over across the world together with scholars like political scientist. If our leaders could practice democracy and equality, then we could reduce the number of civil wars that break out. The leaders in those countries that have been affected by civil wars should take note that democracy, equality and good governance is the only key to economic stability. Peacekeepers contribute to a considerable percentage on the stability of conflict-affected countries.
In relation to the topic, the economic impact of peacekeeping many authors has featured on the topic involving scholars from all over the world. Majority of the authors have argued that peacekeeping missions are a significant contributor to stability of the war torn countries. Such countries like Burundi and Liberia are now regaining stability from the wrath of war.
Some of the possible sources includes;
United Nations Security Council in its role in small and medium countries of the world
and the United Nations infantry Battalion manual which can be found in
Through my research, my observation is that if peacekeeping missions are not deployed in conflict zones then instability will lead to economic instability that can lead to loss of jobs.
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Retrieved on3rd October 2014 from
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Peacekeeping. (2011). International Politics.Web. Retrieved on 3rd October 2014from Read More
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Economic Impact of Peacekeeping Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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