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The Foreign Intelligence surveillance Act has come over heated debates lately especially with regards to treatment of American and foreign citizens in overseas countries. A clear elaboration of the appropriateness and jurisdiction of the Act has often eluded most people. This…
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Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
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Download file to see previous pages The specified Act entails the use of information concerning foreign intelligence surveillance. Federal officers and employees may disclose the first part of the section states that information acquired from electronic surveillance intended to be in accordance with the Act2. Such disclosure does not necessarily require the consent of the United States person, for instance, as long as it is within the minimization procedures that are required by this title. Otherwise, any other communication that is obtained in violation or not in accordance with the Act shall be viable. The implication behind this is that no other information that is acquired from electronic surveillance with respect to the same title shall be used or even disclosed by Federal officers except only for justified, lawful reasons.
The second subsection of the same section asserts that the information acquired in pursuance of the first title shall only be disclosed if and only if a statement accompanies the disclosure that warrants the disclosure. Such a warrant should be assented by the Attorney General whose office acknowledges the information to be used for criminal proceedings in a court of law. With such an airtight system leaks of crucial information is withheld purely on a need to know basis ensuring that the well-being of the Country at large is maintained.
In the event that the state desires to enter into evidence which might require an aggrieved person to disclose or withhold part of information as recorded through electronic surveillance, it will issue a notice directing so via a court of law or any other relevant regulatory body in that respect. The aggrieved person will also be notified with regards to the same disclosure of the specified information. Furthermore, this provision enforces the safety of information, barring the spread of propaganda that might otherwise be harmful to the wellbeing of the government or the country at large as such statements of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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