Should the USA continue its policy of encouraging less developed countries to adopt democracy and capitalism - Essay Example

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However, in recent times, the country has found itself come under criticism from critics who argue that efforts to promote the spread of…
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Should the USA continue its policy of encouraging less developed countries to adopt democracy and capitalism
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Extract of sample "Should the USA continue its policy of encouraging less developed countries to adopt democracy and capitalism"

Should the United s continue upholding its Policy of trying to Encourage the Less Developed Countries to Adopt the Principles of Capitalism and Democracy?
After the end of the cold war, the United States was able to poise itself as a promoter of democracy and capitalism around the world. However, in recent times, the country has found itself come under criticism from critics who argue that efforts to promote the spread of democracy might be conceived as being unwise and in some cases even harmful.
The United States should continue in its efforts of spreading democracy as it has historically been proven that people that live under democratic government systems often tend to live far better lives as compared to citizens of non-democratic countries. This is because democracy offers citizens greater political stability, enhanced quality of living, greater individual liberty as well as freedom from any governmental violence.
By adopting capitalism, the citizens of less developed countries are able to benefit from the fact that capitalism tends to greatly promote competition and innovation. Capitalism can offer the citizens of less developed countries more choices as well as the very best opportunities that they can be able to use to improve their living standards. These factors are seen to the fostering of greater economic freedom.
Another key benefit of promoting capitalism in the less developed countries is that not only does capitalism foster competition, it also benefits these countries as it spurs the companies within them to innovate and develop far better products that will cause for there to be more goods and services in the market a factor that helps in keeping the prices of commodities at low levels.
Democratic political systems often tend to enjoy far greater prosperity over longer time periods as compared to other systems. As democracy spreads, more individuals in less developed countries are likely to start enjoying greater economic benefits. While authoritarian regimes are able to compile impressive short-run economic records, they are rarely able to sustain these rates of growth for long time periods. Read More
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