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Applying Philosophy to Life - Assignment Example

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Hospitals play a central role in the maintenance of health in a given population. Those who are ill are to a large extent dependent upon the quality of services that a hospital delivers. For this reason, it is essential that…
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Applying Philosophy to Life
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Download file to see previous pages these setups are extremely vulnerable due to their illness and if the services of hospitals are not under ethical controls, the visitors can possibly get affected by the behavior of hospital staff.
Another reason that makes ethical oversight necessary is the sensitive nature of information about patients that is accessible by the hospital staff. The availability of information in digital format renders the hospital patients more vulnerable to misuse of information. This misuse can have far reaching detrimental consequences for the patients and it is therefore necessary to associate this access to information with certain ethical principles to ensure patients are not harmed in any way (Stahl et al, 2013).
In the view of Immanuel, moral requirements are interlinked to rationality standards; an immoral behavior is therefore irrational by nature. It therefore follows that for any action to be morally acceptable, it has to be rational; Immanuel has referred to this rationality standard as ‘Categorical Imperative’. Other proponents of this philosophy include Hobbes and Locke. An extension of this notion is the idea of good will which clearly associates the nobility of any action to the principle that governs that action. If this underlying principle follows a moral law, the action regardless of its outcomes should be considered as being moral. As far as the application of principles of this philosophy is concerned, there is a need to apply a high degree of rationality in decisions that are being made. The responses of interviewees need to be judged on rational basis and irrational responses should be regarded as indicators of unethical behavior. Secondly, since morality is related to the underlying principles upon which actions are based; the questions asked during interview should attempt to get an insight into the basic principles upon which interviewees base their decisions. This will enable the interviewer to understand the capability of interviewees to work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Applying Philosophy to Life Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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