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Provide evidence that supports and contradicts the following proposition: The states of the North (West/Rich/Developed) are responsible for the problems that plague international relations - Essay Example

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The states of north are mostly consisted of those nations which are developed in terms of economically as well as have great power in terms of arms ad weapon. USA, UK Canada and many other countries are considered as the…
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Provide evidence that supports and contradicts the following proposition: The states of the North (West/Rich/Developed) are responsible for the problems that plague international relations
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Extract of sample "Provide evidence that supports and contradicts the following proposition: The states of the North (West/Rich/Developed) are responsible for the problems that plague international relations"

Download file to see previous pages who rely on these developed countries to some extent. There are number of countries form the South America, Africa, Middle East are rely on the developed nations. All these nations are considered as states of West. In this paper, the focus is on to justify whether the states from north are the key responsible parties for various kinds of problems such as armed conflict, economic and political disturbance. Here are some key points in for and against of the above statement.
In the world, there are number of wars that have taken place in the 19th and 20th century. The World War I and World War II are two of the main fights of 19th century which involved number of countries. If one consider both the cases, then it is very clear that both UK and USA are on the same side in both the wars. Not only that, both these wars have taken place with a common objective and that was to establish their dominance over the rest of the countries.
The World War II was initiated to destroy the Hitler regime in Germany. Later on USA was also involved in dividing the USSR; they were not directly involved in that war, but provided support in every possible ways. The trend is continuing in the 20th century as well. There are number of reports which suggested that the involvement of USA as well as the UK government in Iraq in the year 2003 was not a mistake but an entire deliberate strategy. As RT.Com in their review has clearly mentioned that “The occupation of Iraq launched a decade ago was an implementation of the idea to create of a mono-polar world” ( There is a another very well established thoughts behind all this incidents as in their report has mentioned that “American leadership first sets a political goal and only afterwards brings grounds for it.” Great example of this was the reason mentioned by the US assembly as well as the media who always spreading false information that Iraq possessing great volume of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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