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The phenomena also referred to as the endless city, has inhabited an immense number of population of more than a hundred million. Mega-regions…
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Population and migration
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Population and Migration The world’s mega cities are emerging from the huge mega-regions, which have become home to the growing population (Snarr & Snarr 8). The phenomena also referred to as the endless city, has inhabited an immense number of population of more than a hundred million. Mega-regions are not a passing occurrence, and enhance the economic growth because they benefit from the increased concentration of talented workers who are willing to invest vastly in the cities. Cities that which are polycentric and well managed have invested heavily in the infrastructure are able to contain problems that may arise upon a mass of people and industry.
The development of the mega-cities is immense as research shows that the megacities hold the richest 25 cities in the world. The endless city covers a small fraction of less that 18% of the world’s population but account for more than 66% of all the economic activities and more than 80% technology and scientific innovations, which is crucial to economic growth (Snarr & Snarr, 78).
I support Neo-Malthusian because there has been immense growth of population over the years that have surpassed supply increase leading to catastrophic checks in the people. Without population control, the people will diminish by catastrophes such as drought or war (Snarr 44). To resolve this problem, the world should join and urge people to control population by using measures such as sterilization, abstinence, among others. China for instance, has introduced punishment for people who bear more than one child as the country is facing population overgrowth and many parents can barely support the children they deliver.
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