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A five –hour fighting was stopped to allow the residents of Gaza in buying and surveying the damage was broken after its expiry on Thursday as Gaza’s Strip rockets headed in Israel (NY Times). Local opposition has led the housing of the influx minor people from Central…
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News Summary and Analysis
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News Summary and Analysis-The New York Times A five –hour fighting was stopped to allow the residents of Gaza in buying and surveying the damage was broken after its expiry on Thursday as Gaza’s Strip rockets headed in Israel (NY Times). Local opposition has led the housing of the influx minor people from Central America by Federal to be forced to crumb various proposed sites. Raiders exerted contingency plays after the loom of the strike such that they love and hate their train, but unable to do with its absence. Eighteen thousand people were dismissed from the Microsoft Company due to technological advancement from Nokia. Series of defense firms, banks and energy have been imposed new penalties in retaliation in Ukraine for Moscow’s Intervention. Obama may lengthen the period for negotiations with Iran. Health costs have slowed in various countries across the world bringing a question about the trend.
Technological factors also play as a cause of poverty. The advancement of working conditions in firms most of the times lead to cut off some personnel creating unemployment. Unemployment is a cause of poverty to those who do not acquire other occupations (Snarr 223). If the banks and energy firms are taxed heavily, the impact mostly affects the poorly paid and unskilled people, thus increasing the rate of poverty. The global wars results to death of people, destruction of properties and displacement of people. The populaces affected by war are usually left poor. The high medical costs remit the people with low-living standards unable to access medical facilities, therefore, remaining sick at their homes. Their diseases may persist for a long time where the households are forced to spend cash on pain killers rather than spending in other expenses, therefore, increasing poverty (Snarr 237). Higher transport cost affects the low-waged earners which also contribute to poverty.

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