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Owners of copyright have their own specific rights set aside to protect their work from reproduction and which not only upholds the originality of the work but ensures the copyright owners earn a profit from their work. There are however limitation set aside to these copyright…
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Fair Use
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Download file to see previous pages n the fair use specified in section 107 cover areas such as criticisms, research, news reporting, scholarship as well as educational purposes (Torremans 29). The pros and cons of fair use will be discussed in detail below.
Section 107 which contains the far use has four specific factors that are used to determine whether any particular use is being fair or not and whether it the individual can be allowed to copyright the work or not. The first factor is to examine the nature of the copyrighted work. This is then followed by the next factor which is determining the amount and substantiality of the portion that will be used as compared to the whole copyrighted work. The purpose and character of the use being needed and determine whether the purpose is commercial use or educational purpose that is non-profit. Lastly is the effect of the use of the copyrighted work in the potential market or its value to the copyrighted work.
When fair is employed, the work of the owner is being recognized and even diverted to a large number of people who may not have had a chance to read the work. This is especially true when the fair use is carried out by new reports or for educational purposes in classes as it reaches a large number of people. The other advantage to this is that the minimal excepts from the work may lead to curious people to want to find out more and hence end up purchasing the whole original work and this leads to financial benefits to the copyright owner.
There are very many writers who have published their work in similar subjects and their work is not yet widely recognized. Having fair use is a way of the people recognizing the copyrighters work on the subject manner and this is an honor and a way to appreciate the good work of the writer. This is a good reason for even the copyright owners to encourage fair use and completely support it.
The fair use advantage is not only to the copyright owner but also to the people using it. This includes the researchers, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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