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Politicial Science - Essay Example

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This is necessary in today’s digital age because monitoring and accessing individual’s personal information has become easier with the presence of internet and thus threatens a person’s basic right of…
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Politicial Science
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What is the function of the 1964 Civil Rights Act? The function of the 1964 Civil Rights Act was to prevent discrimination of employees on the basis of their sex, religion and race.
Define these two terms: de jure and de facto. How are these terms used in relation to race and equality in America?
De Jure means concerning law. De Facto means concerning practice. De Jure is a segregation of people based on what is dictated by the law while De Facto segregation is one that is currently practiced.
Which amendments of the Constitution create the right to privacy? Is this right necessary in the digital age?
The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution creates the right to privacy. This is necessary in today’s digital age because monitoring and accessing individual’s personal information has become easier with the presence of internet and thus threatens a person’s basic right of freedom.
What is Texas v. Johnson about? Should this case be considered a norm for the country under which amendments?
In the case, Texas V. Johnson, the state of Texas filed a case against Gregory Johnson for burning the American flag, a respected object, in public. As a result of this case, flag burning was prohibited in many states of US. This case has strong links with the First Amendment because it takes into account the individual freedom of speech.
Explain the Miranda Rights. Which amendments create this right?
Miranda Rights is a preventive criminal procedure where suspected criminals are given a warning at the time of the arrest. This warning gives criminals the choice of remaining silent until they talk to their attorney to prevent police officers from taking advantage of the situation. The Fifth Amendment creates this right.
List and explain the various types or categories of committees in Congress.
There are four types of committees in Congress. They are:
Standing Committees: These are permanent panels that consider the different bills and issues. They also monitor different institutes that fall within the jurisdiction of Congress.
Special Committees: These committees are formed for the purpose of considering special issues such as investigations and studies.
Joint Committees: These committees are formed from members from both chambers in order to focus on an issue of special interest.
Select Committees: These are temporary committees created for the purpose of dealing with the details of such issues or legislations.
What is an Executive Order? Is it legal, explain?
Executive Order is an order issued by the President which is legally binding. Such orders do not require the approval of the Congress and cannot be overturned by the Congress. Even though there is no provision in the Constitution that defines the rule of Executive Order but such orders have been issued and accepted by the US Supreme Court.
Why do bureaucracies exist?
Bureaucracies perform a multitude of functions for the government. They are important for effective functioning of the entire system because they introduce accountability and efficiency in a broad range of task. Bureaucracies exist mainly to increase productivity and efficiency in the system through a set of standards and guides.
List and explain two Cabinet departments and two of their functions.
Department of Defense: The role of this department is to protect the country from any internal or external threat. This department monitors different forces including the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.
Department of Transportation: The role of this department is to plan the transportation infrastructure of the country. This department also introduced rules and regulation to improve traffic safety.
What is an independent executive agency? What do they do and why were they created?
Independent executive agency is an agency that is created outside the control of the Federal executive department. They are outside the control of the President. These agencies oversee different aspects of governance. They have been created to function independently so as to improve their efficiency and prevent them from being controlled by the government.
Kernell, S.; Jacobson, C., Kousser, T. and Vavrek, L. (2013) Logic of American Politics, NY: CQ Press. Read More
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Politicial Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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