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The European Union was established after a long trade relations that were characterized by anarchy and inter-country war, as a result, of border disputes. Large countries such as France, Italy and Germany influenced much of the decisions in trade, war and other intergovernmental…
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Globalization and the Impact of Supranational Organizations
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GLOBALIZATION AND THE IMPACT OF SUPRANATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS 20th June The European Union was established after a long trade relationsthat were characterized by anarchy and inter-country war, as a result, of border disputes. Large countries such as France, Italy and Germany influenced much of the decisions in trade, war and other intergovernmental policies. However, the ties among European nations were lost, and this prompted for the formation of European Union to control production in the mining industries in Western Europe.1
In 1957, some European countries such as France, Italy, and Belgium among other signed the Treaty of Rome and thus agreeing to integrate individually economic policies into one entity that serve in the interest of all of them. The formation of the EU brought together countries in Western Europe as well as those in Eastern Europe that had their allegiance to the communist regime in Russia. Therefore, the EU had great promise for it members and have achieved tremendous step in developing trade and commerce among its member states and other geopolitical regions.2
However, though the EU have reshaped the tradition geopolitical that existed during the Great War and World War II it has so many challenges, and it’s in the brink of disintegrating.3 The British for example has contemplated moving it country out of the EU because the institution undermine national interest for the interest of the Union. Moreover, small economies such as Portugal, Greece and Denmark complain of unfairness in trade policies and exploitation of their market by big economies in the EU.4
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I agree that the motive of the formation of the EU was to poster peace among the European countries that had spent long period fighting over bother disputes and annexation of new territories by strong nations.5 Therefore, political leaders believed that if country would cooperate to trade with each other there would be minimal aggression among nations and people would gear up to trade for their own benefit and that of their country.
I concur that the EU represent a community of nations and states that have varied cultural and national identities. However, the cultural and national differences are united under the umbrella of economic and political union. Therefore, the EU has enhanced integration as people get to know each other better and thus producing a stable social, economic and political Union. However, I agree that there are problem facing the EU from skepticism to suspicion, and this is threatening the future of the world strongest economic integration.6
Student Posting Part 2
I agree that the European Union was formed to minimize the constant war between neighbors after the end of the Second World War. Moreover, the Union has been formed through a series of binding treaties such as the Treaty of Rome, which outlined laws and policies that bid all members’ states to adhere and follow a set procedure in political, economic and social spheres.7 I agree that the agreement has served the European country so well in establishing a single market, and a customs union where people, goods and capital move freely.8
I concur that there are problem facing the EU such as the Eurozone crisis that has affect countries like Greece.9 However, though the EU is faced with challenges members states believe that the Union has magnified their political and economic clout over other nations in the world.

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Fligstein, Neil. Euro-Clash: The EU, European Identity, and The Future of Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. Read More
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