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Ethical Egoism - Essay Example

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One own activities are important, but it is always worth to consider other people’s lives and help whenever There is need. However, it is also worth to consider the benefits and the costs attached to any…
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Ethical Egoism

Download file to see previous pages... For example, while working at the Single Stop in Miami Dade College Kendal campus, it was clear that every activity had both benefits and costs. First, experience gained in working is very essential as one gets exposure to various challenges and thereby learning ways of overcoming them. Secondly, one gains the ability to manage time and to interact with people with different views and ideas that are usually helpful in life. It is also motivating to learn that through own efforts somebody else lives a better life through the role one played in their life success.
In most cases, every action will have a cost under whatever circumstances. The costs are sometimes are minimal and outdone by the benefits, and acts as a motivation to others in most cases. Time is one of the major costs in engaging in an activity. It is a challenge to allocate time to assist others especially when there are no benefits tied to the activity. Engaging in an activity also requires dedication of own efforts, resources such as money or knowledge. These costs in most cases are necessary to part with in daily lives.
The theory of ethical egoism offers a suitable platform for justification in every action one engages. The theory states that it is sufficient and necessary for action to stand as morally right if it maximizes one’s self interest (Shaffer-Landau 193). It takes two versions the individual and the universal ethical egoism. In individual ethical egoism, one should check on one’s own interests, and one should concern with others only if the extent of involvement contributes to own interests. In universal ethical egoism, everybody has an obligation to act on their best self-interest and ought to concern about others only if the extent of concern contributes to their self-interests. Thus, the theory outlines that before engaging in an action it is necessary to evaluate the benefits and the costs attached. If the costs exceed the benefits, then it is not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Homosexuality. Theory of Ethical Egoism and Theory of Cultural Relativism
Theory of Ethical Egoism. The theory of ethical egoism implicates that the moral agents always tend to act in their own self-interests. This reaction is quite voluntary and well thought of when it comes to facing a situation that needs to make prompt decisions.
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Social Contraction vs. Ethical Egoism
Some of the main examples include social contraction theory and ethical egoism. However, each theory requires an analysis so as to declare it redundant or otherwise. Social contract theory recognizes that human beings value their self interests (Shafer-Landau 189).
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Ethical and Psychological Egoism
When taken to extremes, either in society or analysis, it can become problematic. We can identify the obstacles it presents in life by the negative depiction of an 'egotistical person' or 'their ego got in the way'. Though as a philosophy it is untenable, it is useful in the development of society, economic systems, and our study of altruistic behavior.
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Ethical and Psychological Egoism Essay
In this philosophical perspective people are only motivated to act from self-interest or selfish reasons. (LaFave, 2004; Shaver, 2002). Ethical Egoism is the assertion that people should always act selfishly or in their own self interest. According to this philosophical standpoint it is morally correct to take self interest or selfish motives as our guiding principle for action.
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Differences between ethical egoism and psychological egoism
Ethical egoism is the theory that it is right to act out of self-interest. It refers to the rightness or wrongness of our actions and concludes that if we act out of self-interest, we are doing the right thing, and if we act not out of self-interest like, for example, helping others without regard for our self-interest, we are not acting rightly. Psychological egoism is the theory that all of us perform actions always motivated by self-interest.
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Identify and describe the theories of:1.Ethical Egoism 2.Psychological Egoism
Combining the self with consequentialism, we derive a moral viewpoint in which if a person is performing actions that are in his or her best interest this is moral in the full meaning of that term. Ethical egoism, as a theory
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Philosophy Psychological Egoism vs. Ethical Egoism
In most cases, a person who is an egoist is a slave of vanity and seeks to benefit at the expense of the other individuals in the society. In the study we’re going to weigh the pros and cons between psychological
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Ethical Egoism
This paper outlines these benefits gained and costs incurred by performing service to others, elucidates the theory of ethical egoism, and also offers an analysis on whether my service is a morally good action. I did my service learning on
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Ethical Egoism
One basis the effects of doing a certain act to himself. The ethical egoist approach states that the best thing is that which suits somebody’s ego. For example, if somebody is hungry and consumes somebody else food, this is the best for them and hence they can do it.
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
Ethical Egoism and Altruism

The author says that the issue of ethical egoism is concerned with the ethical position that humans are moral agents who should act in order to advance their self-interests. It is also concerned with human duties towards strangers and family members. Ethical altruism advances the notion that humans have a moral obligation to help strangers.

3 Pages(750 words)Essay
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