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The Arab-Israeli Conflict and its Correlation to Cold War Tensions - Term Paper Example

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The desire of Nazi Germany to occupy Eastern Europe led to annexation of Austria and Czechoslavakia and Britain and France took a deterrence policy warning that they could attack Germany if it invaded Poland (Beevor, 2012). The Second World War started after Germany invaded…
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The Arab-Israeli Conflict and its Correlation to Cold War Tensions
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Extract of sample "The Arab-Israeli Conflict and its Correlation to Cold War Tensions"

Download file to see previous pages nger held the status of power, and U.S and Soviet Union were regarded as the two superpowers thus fueling the Cold War tensions that would dominate the coming decades. Rothwell (2001) claims that the end of Second World War led to the collapse of League of Nations and subsequent formation of the United Nations that oversaw the creation of State of Israel in 1948 thus fueling the Arab-Israel conflict. From the Soviet Union perspective, the large Germany population in the Eastern Europe countries was a potential threat to another war and Western allies were determined to secure a lasting peace in Poland and neighboring countries through the expulsion of the Germans (Peitsch, Burdett & Gorrara, 2006). Accordingly, Soviet Union wanted to exert its influence on the satellite states and ultimately entrench communism ideals and punish German for the collective atrocities and brutalities during the War (Uris, (2011).
The Arab-Israel conflict has similarities with World War 2 and Cold War since all the wars entailed expansionist doctrines since Germany desired to expand their territories while Israel expanded its territory during the war (Rieber, 2000). The Arab-Israel War led to expulsion of thousands of Palestinians from their land in order to create a homogenous Jewish society and expand the territory in order to create military defense lines. The Cold War period was dominated by development of nuclear arsenal, proxy wars, propaganda, technological competitions and psychological warfare since the US and its allies wanted to contain the powerful Eastern bloc countries and challenge the Soviet Union.
The destruction of Versailles settlement and growth of Germany hegemony over Eastern Europe led to fundamental changes in the ethnic composition of the population in neighboring countries and ultimately triggered German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. Snyder (2013) asserts that the initial expulsion entailed evacuation of Germans due to advancing Red Army in mid 1944 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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