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The Perils of Nationalism - Essay Example

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The characteristics of nations explain the reason why Western European countries diverged to nationalism and the establishment of Nation-States1. These are…
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The Perils of Nationalism
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Extract of sample "The Perils of Nationalism"

Download file to see previous pages The compositions of different tribes and ethnic in United Kingdom demonstrates that the State can be comprised of different nations. The country have four distinct region namely England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland2. During the scramble and partition of Africa, the European nation demarcated territory in disregard of the cultural, linguistic and history of the inhabitant of Africa. They, therefore, established borders with different nations within the states. This had remained so even when all the African countries gained independently, and there is always constant conflict between different cultures as they fight to limited resources3.
Moreover, there are nations that comprise of a single nation. For example, South Korea consists of a single ethnic group that share a language and a culture. This is different to other countries that have more from one ethnic group, but form a states that engage in negotiations with other states for the good of its people.
In conclusion, States are either comprised of a single nation or several nations within its territory, and it is how well a states manages it affair that keeps the nations within it in harmony and avoid the emergence of nationalism and establishment of the new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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