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As the paper outlines, homeland security is a department created in the United States to help prevent terrorist attacks within the country, this responsibility is similar to emergency department’s role in dealing with terrorism, and thus it is correct to say the two somehow fit together. …
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Homeland Security and Emergency Management
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Although emergency management is not tasked with the responsibility of helping avert certain threats like those posed by terrorism, it is everybody’s responsibility to try to help avoid these threats. 
National Response Framework (NRF) is one of the various parts of the established National Strategy for Homeland Security (Bullock et al, 2013). NRF’s main work is to formulate and present the principles that would help guide the various factions involved in domestic response to terrorist attack or calamities, either man-made or natural. NRF is very essential to the National Incident Management System whose sole task is to develop principles and concepts that assist in the easy management of emergencies (Walsh, 2012). The principles governing the various agencies such as emergency management and homeland established to deal with emergencies. One of the main purposes of these agencies is to help secure the country in the quickest time possible following an emergency. The understanding of the emergency department helps people assume the responsibility of helping fellow citizens in emergency cases. Knowledge of how emergency department works make people cooperate with the government in different emergencies. Read More
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