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Halio Education in China and Germany - Assignment Example

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This paper stresses that Halio who is 27 years was born in Shanghai where he has spent most of his life. His educational background is in China where he graduated from high school. Halio’s choice to come to Germany was to see more and to experience a different education…
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Halio Education in China and Germany
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However, the decision to come to study in Germany was made by his parents who gave him the chance to graduate from a Germany university. The parents believed that if Halio graduated from the Chinese universities, it would be quite difficult for him to get a guaranteed job. The parents also believed that Halo would be well looked after by his relatives in Germany. China is overpopulated, and the same applies to its graduates making it hard for a graduate to safeguard a job. Halio has the beliefs that the universities in German are difficult to graduate as they offer quality-oriented education, unlike the Chinese universities which offer examination-oriented education. Studying in the Germany universities means studying a foreign language and this calls for more effort in studying. The choice of Germany is a compromise between Helio's parent’s ideas and decisions and those of Halio. Chinese students in German lead a normal life though they have their won a share of challenges.
Halio talks of how he regretted his parent’s decision initially due to financial constraints but later came to enjoy it all lot after he got employed and earned his own cash. Halio has experienced boredom, financial constraints and a lot of pressure which contrasts the situation in China where has was close to his friends and family. He was at the time very fresh in Germany and did not know what to do. The language was also an issue for him as he had to learn a new language. He tells this story as an illustration that his initial adaptation in Germany was not that smooth. The language was quite a problem to him in that he was afraid of talking to people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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