The Various Images of Buddha, a Good Society in the Past - Assignment Example

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From the paper "The Various Images of Buddha, a Good Society in the Past" it is clear that the images of Buddha suggest that the Asian people believe in Buddha and that the images represent various meanings. The imagery is increasingly becoming a modern culture and is used for commercial use. …
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The Various Images of Buddha, a Good Society in the Past
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A good society in the past entailed the social bonds between the people. Social bonds existed, and there was the allocation of resources. The equality between members mattered, and inequality was not tolerated. A good society entailed the upholding of morals and beliefs of the community as a whole. A good society ensued that the moral values and laws that were present were followed, and those who did not value them and did not live by them faced serious consequences. A good society has values that defined the society as a whole and the people lived as one, as one community. The ethics were followed and the social tradition celebrated as a special occasion. The differences between the societies of the past and the society of today are apparent in the day-to-day activities from the upholding of the morals to the way of life presently (Andrew, 202). Read More
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(The Various Images of Buddha, a Good Society in the Past Assignment)
The Various Images of Buddha, a Good Society in the Past Assignment.
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