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The essay "Active Listening Model " states that an active listening model that teachers and/or parents could use could be by using the old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do!” This saying works if you change the ending to “Do as I do!” Active listening works if you state your wants and needs…
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Active Listening Model
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A few examples of Restrictive Language are the following: 1. Do not scream! 2. What are you doing? 3. Answer me! 4. Who did this? 5. What is going on here? What makes these statements responsive or restrictive is that responsive gives children a chance to express themselves and restrictive means that the children do not have a chance to explain and the teacher is always the last word.
Fine Motor skills that could deal with active listening is coloring, drawing and working with clay. These activities give the children a chance to express themselves in a mental and physical manner. The art projects that I picked are as follows: 1. Twisted Sculpture- Children can learn their shapes by forming them and then naming them. 2. Easy Cutouts- Children can cut out magazine pictures dealing with a certain topic or just at random. They can arrange the pictures and then discuss them or tell a story using the pictures. 3. Cookie Cutter Trace- The children will be given a choice of cookie cutters and trace around each shape. They will learn their shapes in another creative way. They can combine these shapes and then make up a story or write a sentence about what they drew. 4. Fish kites- Children will learn cutting skills and following directions. 5. Tracing- The teacher will write the words in print and or manuscript and the teacher will give the children tracing paper so they will trace the words the teacher wrote on the other paper. Through this activity, the children will learn how letters and words are formed. Read More
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Active Listening Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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