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The paper examines the get-tough policies which simply use the theory of getting harsh to criminals in order to make them fear crime. Some countries have already adopted these policies in order to reduce crime. Other countries are still adamant to accept this method as a way of reducing crime.  …
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Get tough Policy
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“Get tough Policy” The get tough policies simply use the theory of getting harsh to criminals in order to make them fear crime. Some countries have already adapted these policies in order to reduce crime. Other countries are still adamant to accept this method as a way of reducing crime. The question of whether this method works is still debatable. Among the methods used are; longer sentences in jail, life imprisonment, penalties drug traffickers, the three strike law, and hefty fines. Some people argue that this policy does not in any way reduce the occurrence of crimes. If, for example a one year in jail is increased to five years in prison, they say that it does not reduce crime, but only increase the imprisonment period. Furthermore not all are caught on their first crime. The passing of the three strike law in California saw a 27 years old man imprisoned for 25 years for stealing a pizza. Others, however, argue that if penalties on certain crimes are made harsh, people or in this case criminals will avoid crime due to fear.
The American criminal justice officials implemented policies to respond to the crimes of terrorism. To them, the rights of the terrorists should not be violated as well as those of their immediate families. According to them, these criminals should be allowed judicial assistance; they should not be intimidated, and should be provided with medical, social and psychological assistance. They should also be compensated if necessary.
The USA has the best police force. Their functions are clearly outlined and they do not cross borders in performing their duties. They are not a source of fear to the community but are a source of assistance. The police force is divided into different departments each performing its designated function. The departments perform their tasks without overlapping.
If I were to be tried for felony, I would prefer being tried in the US since I would be tried fairly according to the policies implemented by the American criminal justice officials
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Peter M. Carlson, J. S. (2006). Prison And Jail Administration: Practice And Theory. Washington D.C: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Read More
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