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The article “Autistic Teen by Stephon Watts» sheds light upon the tragedy - the killing of a black teenager with Asperger syndrome due to a misunderstanding that happened between him and the police, his parents' grief and the reluctance of law enforcement officers to bring responsible to justice…
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Autistic Teen by Stephon Watts
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Download file to see previous pages According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,  Fourth Edition, (DSM-IV), the diagnostic features of Asperger’s Disorder include challenges with social interaction, and “the development of restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, and activities” (p. 75). There must also be “clinically significant” impairment in “social, occupational or other important areas…” (p. 77). Although the information is not totally certain about Asperger's Disorder, the DSM-IV states that it “appears to be” (p. 76) more attributed to males. Freckelton and List (2009) state that Asperger's Disorder is often called “high functioning autism” (p. 17) and that most of the children or adults with this disorder “do not show their emotions through facial expressions” (p. 17). There are often sensory problems and gross motor problems (Freckelton & List, 2009). Freckelton and List (2009) also state that males are more apt to have the disorder than females and 20 percent of fathers and only five percent of mothers may have the disease, thus making it hereditary.
The basic issue raised in these articles was that this young boy was killed by the police on purpose. The initial gunshot was in the child’s arm and it seemed that two other officers who responded to the call panicked and shot the boy in the head. The mother states, “they murdered my boy…they didn’t have to kill him” (Fox Chicago News, 2012, para. 5).
The news reporters attempted to report the facts of the case as they knew it but there were two sides of the situation. The police said that the boy was lunging at them with a knife and they had no other choice but to shoot him. The mother and father state that the boy had a butter knife and that the officers could have shot him in the leg again or something, but that they did not have to kill him. Of course, an investigation is pending, but the Chief of Police stated that the “officers responded appropriately” (para. 6). The news reporters did their best to provide both sides of the issue as best as they could with limited information.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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