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Plan of Action - Term Paper Example

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In the paper “Plan of Action” the author analyzes the case of an employee Maria, who has caused a great deal of worry for the company because the point that is being raised by her is not essentially true. Maria has not been able to understand that what kind of weakness exists within her fore…
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Plan of Action
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Extract of sample "Plan of Action"

Download file to see previous pages Maria has misunderstood things here. She has put the blame upon the company on a totally different tangent altogether. There is no reason why she should be blaming the company for her poor communication skills and traits that she has been displaying over a period of time. She believes that she is being maltreated as there is a bias within the company but this is not something that has been pondered upon deeply by the people who are sitting within the helm of affairs in the company. Maria must know that any company within the business world exists to satisfy not only the customers but its internal publics as well, which comprise of its own employees who are the most prized possessions that these companies can ever have. When Maria says that the company is treating her in a shabby way, it is the bias which is reflected in her understanding and not the way in which work gets done within the domains of the organization in the long run (Kim 2002). What the company has to do in such a setting is to make Maria realize that she is in the wrong, and that she shall have to be treated fairly no matter what happens. However at the present, Maria has become disgruntled because she believes that she is being hard done by due to her color and Latin ancestry. The scenario could be avoided if the company took a more proactive approach and told Maria where she was lacking before announcing the promotions for the employees. This could have made the entire effort look genuine and there would not have been any resentment whatsoever. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Plan of Action Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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