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Definition of Leisure Time - Case Study Example

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 This study discusses the attempt is to unearth the effect of leisure time among children, adults, and cultures through compare/contrast and cause/effect method of investigation. The study focuses on leisure time for recreational purposes…
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Definition of Leisure Time
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Download file to see previous pages Leisure time and children: The time spent by children for leisure time activities varies depending upon factors like economic condition, culture etc. In America and Europe, children are far ahead in spending their leisure time. Compared to North Americans, East Asians are far behind in spending their leisure time. But children in European countries are above North Americans and below East Asians in leisure time usage. But when one considers elders, the senior citizens get more leisure time and engage in different types of activities. Middle-Aged people do not get sufficient time to engage in leisure time activities. When one considers the younger generation, they get enough time to engage in leisure time activities. The leisure time activities of children include games, sports, cultural dealings amusement and community service. In the middle-childhood, they indulge in computer usage, watching television, art activities, sports, reading, church activities, housework, shopping etc. In the journal article ‘The Benefits of Adult Piano Study as Self-Reported by Selected Adult Piano Students’ from the ERIC academic database, Peter J Jutras makes clear that: “Findings suggest that students are interested in technical improvement, but they also place high value on the enjoyment and self-growth” (Peter 1) student community shows much interest in wise use of their leisure time. For instance, when they involve in playing the piano, they do not consider it as mere enjoyment but they also consider the technical improvement and self-growth. So, one can see that children are in fond of leisure time and really enjoy the same.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Definition of Leisure Time Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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