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Membership Growth of the Progress Party - Thesis Proposal Example

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In the paper “Membership Growth of the Progress Party,” the author discusses the master thesis by Hilmar Mjelde, ‘Explaining membership growth in the Norwegian Progress Party from 1973 to 2008,’ which is a strong thesis put forward with seven hypothesis propositions…
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Membership Growth of the Progress Party
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Extract of sample "Membership Growth of the Progress Party"

Download file to see previous pages Two major studies conducted in the year 1992 and 2001 shows that the western-European parties, including Norwegian parties, lost members and continue doing so. This proves the phenomenal growth of the Norwegian Progress Party, Fremskrittspartiet, is an exception and hence worth studying. The thesis is strongly supported by proper utilization of extensive literature review, data and qualitative method.
The thesis, ‘Explaining membership growth in the Norwegian Progress Party from 1973 to 2008,’ is a case study (Mjelde 2008, p.1). A case study can be defined as “a detailed examination of an aspect of a historical episode to develop or test historical explanations that may be generalized to other events”(George & Baskette 2005, p.4). The selection of the case study as a methodology proved to be advantageous in many ways. The intention of the author was to study the membership growth of the Progress Party in its breadth and depth (Mjelde 2008, p.6). Hence, the choice of case study as a method for this topic was appropriate. The two important strengths of the case study method are 1. Conceptual Validity, 2. Deriving new hypothesis (George & Baskette 2005, pp.19-22). The choice of case study method helped the author due to its strengths in the following ways:
A case study allows the researcher to study the validity of the concept at a high level(George & Baskette 2005, p. 19). The study of the membership growth in the Norwegian Progress Party was a difficult study as it demanded the researcher to study the growth in presence of different contexts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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