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In the paper “The Ability to Enjoy What One Does” the author describes himself a very enthusiastic and fun loving person who enjoys working with people. The most essential part of any job/career or profession is the ability to enjoy what one does…
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The Ability to Enjoy What One Does
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I am a very enthusiastic and fun loving person who enjoys working with people. The most essential part of any job career or profession is the ability to enjoy what one does. If I need to describe myself as a person, I would say, I am responsible, fun loving, caring, affectionate, spiritual, loyal and very reliable. I have been a teacher for five years now and I teach health and physical education. I have worked with children between the ages of 10 to 18 and even adults and I try my best to assist them with issues like substance abuse. Having studies psychology, and with my wide experience of interaction with children as well as adults, I have grown a complete fondness towards the helping profession.
The profession calls for individuals with the ability to nurture the growth and address the issues of people, their physical aliments, psychological issues, intellectual problems, and also the emotional and spiritual well being of the people. As a helping enthusiast and a lover of life, I realise that a number of people require support and assistance to help them be able to enjoy life and not abuse the greatest gift that God has given us. I believe that each one of us has the rights to be able to enjoy this gift and it is essential that we assist others who have issues and problems.
One of the most essential groups of people who require help and assistance are the youth and children. My biggest strength is that I love working with people especially children and youth, who have their entire lives in front of them to live and cherish. I believe that we get to live just once hence we should use this to bring out the best in ourselves as well as other around us. Having been in the teaching profession for five full years, along with the experience of working with people with substance abuse traits, I have come across a number of students and individuals who have a very strong and bright life ahead but need the nurturing and assistance to be able to recognise and cherish it.
I would love to have a career in the helping professions as I feel it is my responsibility to reach out to as many people and try and help them in any way possible to help them recover and regain out of the issues and troubles of life. This could mean not only psychological, but also physical, intellectual, emotional and even spiritual. I believe that if in the current world, all of us turn only towards making money and being successful ourselves with no care and affection towards others in the world, the world will come to an end very soon. Each of us need to be able to give and contribute our bit to the society to help and assist others come out of their problems and issues. In this race of opportunities and achievements, it is essential that all of us pull one another up and assist others to move forward with us. I truly believe that this is our responsibility and we need to do so. I am confident that I will be able to help a number of people in my own little way and hence I would love to have a career in the helping professions. This is the one way to reach out to as many people as possible and bring a light of joy and a smile on other’s faces. Read More
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