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Cloning: Moral or Amoral - Term Paper Example

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The author of the paper states that creating children by utilizing cloning methods described in this discussion are unethical. Overwhelming scientific evidence suggests that such techniques are not safe at this progression in the state of cloning technology…
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Cloning: Moral or Amoral
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Extract of sample "Cloning: Moral or Amoral"

Download file to see previous pages Replication of an organism’s DNA identity does not occur naturally within mammals.  Only plants produce offspring through replication from one generation to the nextThe continued cloning of animals is essential because this method will provide a more substantial and beneficial food source for a growing world population as does the cloning of plants. However, the cloning of humans is not in societies or an individual’s best interest, at least not yet.

On February 23, 1997, Ian Wilmut, a Scottish scientist, with his colleagues at the Roslin Institute announced the successful cloning of a sheep by a new method. The technique concerned transplanting the genetic material of an adult sheep into an egg from which the nucleus had been removed. The resulting birth of the sheep, Dolly, was another landmark in mankind’s ability to rule over nature. The birth of Dolly and “the fact that humans might someday be cloned, created from a single somatic cell without sexual reproduction, moved further away from science fiction and closer to a genuine scientific possibility” (Wilmut, 1997).

The sheep experiment was different from prior endeavors in that it produced an animal that was a genetic twin of one adult sheep instead of being the identical offspring from a pair of adults. Dolly was the first successful clone of a mammal as the sheep contained the genetic material of just one parent. For more than 40 years, the practice of transferring a nucleus from a somatic cell into an egg using nuclei derivative from non-human embryonic and fetal cells continued. Evidence suggested genetic material contained in differentiated somatic cells may retain the potential to direct the development of healthy fertile adult animals. Biologists had examined whether, once cellular differentiation transpires, this process is reversible. However, until Dolly was born, the capacity to do so remained unproved. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Cloning: Moral or Amoral Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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The term cloning is literally referred to as "using specialized DNA technology to produce multiple, exact copies of a single gene or other segment of DNA to obtain enough material for further study." ("CDC", 2006). The process itself is actually referred to as cloning DNA, and the resulting cloned (or copied) collections of DNA molecules are called clone libraries. In more simple terms, cloning is the process of creating an identical...
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Cloning is a term that refers to a process where a copy of a plant or an animal can be produced from the same animal or plant cells. For instance, a single cell of an animal or plant can be used to produce an identical animal. Research has shown that this biological process can also be applied to human beings in about 50 years (Collins). Though the issue of cloning human beings has received criticisms from different sectors of society, it can be observed that some people advocate for this process as a result of different reasons. For instance, parents who lose their children can clone other siblings that will resemble the lost kids. According to Sir Johns, cloning humans will be the same as making an identical twin which is just l...
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This results in the creation of embryonic growth of another organism that contains the complete genetic code of the original organism. Through this process, the cloning of mammals has resulted in, to date, hundreds of cloned organisms born.
Those who oppose human cloning argue that this unnatural style of reproduction has an overwhelming potential for decisions being made based on reasons of vanity in regard to children. Their concern is that the very nature of the traditional family is in danger of evolving in a strange, unknown and undesirable direction. Advocates of cloning practices say that it may, among other things, serve society as an effective alternative treatment for infertility. The cloning of animals has stirred...
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... on females to sell or donate their eggs, which is unethical. Commercialization of cloning technology would also be highly possible and would only be available to the rich who would have children with higher intellectual, physical, and social characteristics than other people. This would give them undue advantages in life leaving normal children with minimal chances of a success future. A lot of human embryos would constantly be required for research and cloning purposes and some would be destroyed in the course of the process. This is wrong because human embryos should be offered the same respect and dignity as human beings (Pontifical Academy For life, 2000). The human embryos have the moral status of a human being and using them...
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