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Governments Balance Law and Order with Individual Freedom - Essay Example

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Most governments have difficulties in balancing law and order with individual freedoms. The writer of the present essay suggests that the reasons for such issue is that most people believe that the government should not interfere with individual freedoms…
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Governments Balance Law and Order with Individual Freedom
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Download file to see previous pages The Government outlines the individual rights and freedoms in the constitution, which comprise a set of guidelines to govern the people. Thus, individual liberty needs a basis in law, but additionally, it must integrate the requirements of social order. This means that maintenance of law and order balances with individual freedom to guard and define the sphere of liberty of the individual and promote order in the society. Despite, democratic governments supporting the importance of freedom, they must put limits on individual freedoms. In this regard, provisions should forbid those deeds that would cause panic or harm for the general good. By this, the government ensure that it maintains law and order and at the same time offering individual freedom. In the United States, there is limitation of individual liberty to guard citizens from one another, to guarantee order in society and to uphold the common interests of the society. Therefore, the law must permit the sensible exercise of freedoms.The Government can also strike this balance by supporting the social systems in the society that realize the goals of freedom and order. Fagin (2007) asserts that the society uses numerous strategies to attain these goals, including social standards imposed through the social forces of the family, government, religion and school. Through these social institutions, people learn the principles and requirements for good behavior and receive punishment when they infringe these social standards. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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