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Terrorism versus Civil Liberty - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This essay “Terrorism versus Civil Liberty” presents an argumentative approach to this contemporary issue. Terrorism refers to any action of evil or destructive intent committed by a person or a group of persons with intention of making their thoughts and interests known…
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Terrorism versus Civil Liberty
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Extract of sample "Terrorism versus Civil Liberty"

Download file to see previous pages Is there sincerity in fighting terrorism or is it a denial of civil liberties? Inasmuch as the government is trying to fight terrorism, denial of civil liberties seems to take center stage. Addressing Terrorism It would be unjustified to present an argument about terrorism and civil liberties without first having to define what these two words. Terrorism refers to any action of evil or destructive intent committed by a person or a group of persons with intention of making their thoughts and interests known. Civil liberty, on the other hand, refers to the basic human rights granted to citizens as defined in the constitution. One of the main ways by which the government protects its citizens against terrorists is by, “Collecting domestic and international intelligence on human rights violators and violations through our field offices, our legal attache offices overseas, and our network of sources inside and outside the country, and our relationships with domestic and international law enforcement partners” (FBI 1). Such sensitive measures are essential in ensuring that the country is secure from terror. However, the manner in which the same is executed raises many eyebrows. Though the line is between freedom from terror and fruits of civil liberty are so thin, measures taken by the government are increasingly cutting back on civil liberties hence necessitating an argument about these policies. The Patriotic Act War on terror has heightened for the last several decades. The war must have gained momentum after the bombing of the world trade center on September 11. After the bombing, the government enacted the antiterrorism act of 1996. Under this act, many ways of approach to terrorism changed. Although the government was acting for the best interest for the people of America, it can be argued that the efforts have been overstepped such that the antiterrorism act is being used against the same people it is supposed to protect. The UCLA debate raised a very strong point of concern “It seems more likely that hundreds of innocent people will become suspects” (Thorson 1). Freedom of Speech and Association One of the strategies used by the federal government to subdue rise of terror groups is by suppressing any factions or groups that seem to have an agenda likely to lead to terrorist activities. Whereas this is a genuine way of controlling terrorist activities before they take place, it can be argued that the same policies are used to suppress Americans. The freedom of speech and association is greatly put into jeopardy. There is the potential abuse of such policies when they are used to disband and break up innocent citizens who are genuinely expressing their concerns to the government. Freedom of speech and association goes up in flames all in the name of a war on terror. Privacy Right to privacy is one of the most fundamental civil liberties. In the efforts to fight terrorism, the government has enacted ways of gathering information and intelligence regarding crime and terrorism planning and activities. In order to do this, the government enacted policies allowing for wiretapping of all communication networks for in America. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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