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Terrorism as the Most Dangerous Threats to the National Security - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Terrorism as the Most Dangerous Threats to the National Security" states that it is a war that has not ended yet, therefore, the attack may come at any time from anywhere and from anyone. As we put more value to protecting our civil liberties…
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Terrorism as the Most Dangerous Threats to the National Security
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Extract of sample "Terrorism as the Most Dangerous Threats to the National Security"

Download file to see previous pages Terrorist groups also have the latest in satellite imaging, in weapons technology, in biological and chemical weapons capability, and even cyber-terrorism. And they are not afraid to use these weapons and technological advancements on as many people as possible. They are not bound to honour the laws of man and of God in unleashing these weapons, but the different countries and governments trying to counter these terrorist attacks and weapons are pressured to abide by their laws. And because of terrorists’ disregard for laws coupled with their potential to wreak havoc on people’s lives, I believe that stronger means must be employed in order to protect and ensure our safety and security. There are necessary measures, like the curtailment of civil liberties, which have to be employed in order to counter the threat of terrorism.
An opinion survey conducted by YouGov in the UK sought people’s perception or opinion about the government’s proposal to control civil liberties and the survey revealed that a great majority of respondents believe that it is appropriate to curtail the movements of terrorist suspects even if the usual trial policies cannot be applied to them. The survey also revealed that most people favoured preemptive actions to be taken by the government in order to control or address the threat of terrorism (2). Majority of the respondents also set forth that they do not accept the idea that government authorities can never curtail anyone’s civil liberties, especially when it is essential to their national security (2). In the same survey, the respondents were asked if they rated national security as more important than the protection of their civil liberties. Again, the majority of the respondents believed that national security is more important to them, and only about 3% answered that their civil liberties were more important to them (2). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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