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Border Security: How a Secure Border Plays a Role in National Security - Case Study Example

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The writer of this paper states that since border security has become an international concern to many nations, there is a rising need to provide proper mechanisms in dealing with this problem. The main reason is that insecurity has risen to its highest level…
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Border Security: How a Secure Border Plays a Role in National Security
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Internationally most governments and citizens are worried about the current terrorist threats. People fear attacks from external terrorists. For instance, Senator McCain and Keel had proposed to the federal government (USA) a 10 point plan that was meant to enhance border security (Hayworth 120). They also urged for effective enforcement of existing laws against terrorists. These terrorists have majorly posted big threat to many countries. The other threat is illegal immigration. The immigration problems are experienced by respective governments which have made them be more cautious.
There are significant dangers which include allowing people of questionable character into the country. The illegal migrants can commit crime silently by plotting for strategic points where bombs are implanted to meet their target. In addition, there is potential death in case one crosses the border. In the USA, there is a body named “Bureau of Customs and Border Protection,” which serves as a gatekeeper in preventing any illegal entry (Warner 108). These measures are taken for instance “operation gatekeeper.” have made the illegal immigrants look for alternative dangerous routes to get into the country. It had been found that most deaths of the immigrants occur when they travel by roads, for instance, immigrants coming to the US through Arizona desert roads.
People are also concerned about drug trafficking. Most drugs are illegal and they are prevented from entering any country through insecure borders. When drugs enter the state, people are worried because this problem brings about greater insecurity in terms of theft, death and general influence of other law-abiding citizens.
Problems Raised By Changes in Economy and Laws
There are major problems that laws are able to address in many countries. These laws have been enacted to help in controlling illegal immigrants. These are immigration laws that bar all illegal immigrants into any specified country. For instance, in the US the immigration laws are well articulated and this enhances border security which then translates to good national security. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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