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Normal distribution curves are used to describe the trends of a given data to cluster around the mean. This paper seeks to identify whether the normal distribution is an accurate statistic method for analyzing a given system behavior. To determine this, the researcher first collects the data about the number of emails received per day for a period of 20 days…
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Normal Distribution
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"Normal Distribution"

Download file to see previous pages From the results obtained a conclusion is drawn as to whether normal distribution curves are suitable for analysing any system behavior.
A normal distribution curve is one of the most commonly used statistical tools. Many natural phenomena conform to a normal distribution with most elements clustering at the centre and a few extremes on the right and the left. Normal distribution is also called Gaussian distribution or the bell shaped distribution as the resulting graph has a bell shaped nature. Data tends to cluster near the mean or the average. The bell shaped curve is a probability density function with a peak at the mean. During the study of system behavior, the random variable is used to describe the unpredictable outcome. When a survey or an experiment is carried out, the data collected is also referred to as a variable. Variables can be classified as discrete random variable or continuous random variable. Discrete random variable consists of a set of data that takes discrete values that is, the values can be counted. These values are finite and denumerable. Continuous random variables are on the other hand are not denumerable (Cary 2008).
Normal distribution has been used extensively in natural and social sciences and also in the evaluation of statistical data. It great use is derived from the fact that it's a simple model that represents complex data (Feller, 1968).
Abraham De Moivre introduced the normal distribution in the year 1733; this was printed in his book 'the doctrine of chances' in 1738. He used the normal distribution to evaluate large binomial distribution. The normal distribution theory was later extended by Laplace in 1812 to form the theorem of De Moivre-Laplace. Laplace used normal distribution to evaluate analytical errors during his experimental work. Gauss in 1809 used the method to analyse his astronomical work while Legendre used the method in 1805.
The term bell shaped distribution function was first used by Esprit Jouffret in 1872 and later the graph was referred to as the normal distribution by Charles Pierce and Francis Galton.

Normal distribution has been extensively used to study scientific and natural phenomena as well as analyse statistical data. The method is however not appropriate for the study of all phenomena, instead other distribution are preferred in some cases. The other popular distributions are the binomial and poison distribution.

In light of this, the researcher seeks to subject a given collected data to normal distribution and determine its practicability and adaptability in the evaluation of a given system behavior. The researcher will collect data and from this data, draw the normal distribution curve and tests it overall suitability as a statistical tool.
The main objective of this study is to determine whether the normal distribution curve is the most suitable method of analysing a system behavior. In this case, the number of emails sent per day. The specific objectives are;
Collect the data.
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