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The Lamb of God - Research Paper Example

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A paper "The Lamb of God" reports that one can not help noticing that the concept of religion has been playing a significant role in it since the early centuries. Indeed, the development of humanity at any given point in history was strongly influenced by a certain religious system…
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The Lamb of God
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Download file to see previous pages  The point that should be mentioned is that many concepts that are widely used by a spiritual teaching should not be seen as static, but rather dynamic notions that are developed by the generations of believers and may be influenced by the contemporary historical events. This paper will analyze the concept of Lamb of God as a way to address Jesus Christ.
Considering the concept of Lamb of God, one should point out that this expression is found exclusively in the New Testament; however, it has a close connection to other images of animals that were used in the Old Testament. The first one which comes to mind is the scapegoat which was used by the Jews to cleanse their sins. One should point out that this practice originated long ago and reflected the primitive beliefs of the Jewish nation that heavily relied on human or animal sacrifice as a form of restoring the balance in the universe. It would be a mistake to suggest that the Christian use of similar terms relies on the following concept. Quite the opposite, Lamb of God, as Jesus Christ is known to be referred to, does not have a similar meaning. As one can easily see, the idea of a scapegoat was influenced by the period of time the Jews formed their nation after being oppressed by the Egyptians. That historical period has also had the influence on the perception of the concept of Lamb of God in the future. Thus, Christian scholars noted that Jesus Christ should not be perceived as a scapegoat, but rather as another image from the Old Testament, namely the Passover Lamb. Once again the connection is clearly seen. Thus, the Passover Lamb symbolizes a completely different approach towards this idea: it is a positive, rather than a negative one. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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