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Place in Our Secular and Scientific World for Religion - Term Paper Example

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In the paper “Place in Our Secular and Scientific World for Religion” the author discusses the relationship between science and religion, which is hostile as it is frequently considered that scientific claims are false if religious claims are true, and religious claims are false…
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Place in Our Secular and Scientific World for Religion
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Download file to see previous pages Religion is the ultimate truth and will be followed until science is able to explain absolutely everything in the universe. Philosophers have also had some religious views when it came to science. In their time, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were highly regarded for their wisdom and philosophies. Neither of them as followers of the prevalent pagan mythologies of the time. All of them felt the existence of a greater being, an absolute being, which is above human eccentricities and the weaknesses of Greek gods and goddesses. Of course, they had heated arguments about the nature of this Supreme Being and his creations. These Greek philosophers have left behind teachings that are similar to those of Jesus Christ. (Lindsey). Aristotle’s Unmoved Mover has been a part of his explanations of many physics and metaphysics phenomena.  Of this Unmoved Mover, he says, “God has no matter, which means that there can only be one God since it is a matter that differentiates one form or definition into many manifestations of that one form or definition. His work in physics led to a worldview bringing his followers back to God, pronouncing him as the designer of our clockwork world. His study of the celestial mechanics convinced of the presence of a God as the ultimate creator of science.  Since God has no matter, then God is one not only formally or by definition but also numerically.  In addition, there can be only one unmoved mover, because there is only one heaven:  continuous motion is one motion since such motion is a system of moving parts.” It was Aristotle’s belief that anything that has an absolute pattern or design has to be created; it cannot happen accidentally and needs a reason or case for creation. The Unmoved Mover is the first cause. ("University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ") ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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