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The Gospel According to Mark - How Did It End - Essay Example

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This paper 'The Gospel According to Mark - How Did It End?" focuses on the fact that the ending of the Gospel of Mark presents an enigma to its readers – what is its original ending? This perplexity is raised in the face of two available endings for the Gospel of Mark. …
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The Gospel According to Mark - How Did It End
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Extract of sample "The Gospel According to Mark - How Did It End"

Download file to see previous pages This is already a minimalist view of the debate. Since according to Parker there are six versions of the conclusion of Mark’s Gospel (125 -129). This distinction of longer, intermediate and shorter makes possible the clarification of the supposed endings for the Gospel according to various available texts and traditions. In fact, in NRSV, the footnotes for Mark’s Gospel conclusion affords a discussion of how these categories are fashioned (Dart 28). However, these labels do not remove the mystery. What is the mystery? The conclusion of Mark’s Gospel ends abruptly if the short ending is upheld. Unlike the gospels of Mathew, Luke and John attest to the meeting between the risen Jesus and His disciples whereas Mark’s Gospel does not speak of it (Juel 4). This has puzzled both the readers and the scholars of Mark (Dart 28; Lincoln 283; Parker 132). Nevertheless, what is significant is a that despite seeming differences in conclusion, what remains is the fact that Mark’s ending is a testimony that God has always been faithful to His words and that Jesus has risen from the dead just as what He had foretold. This truth remains regardless of whether humanity fails or not.

In this regard, this paper will try to address one of many questions that have been asked before, what does each end do to the closing message of the Gospel? Beings such, the paper will be looking at the longer, intermediate and shorter version of the conclusion of the Gospel of Mark and finally provide my own personal perspective regarding this issue.
The long ending is claimed to be supported by the teachings of the Fathers of the Church like Justin, Irenaeus and Hippolytus. At the same time, Freer Gospels, Codex Bezai and the oldest Byzantine manuscript all contain a version of v9 -20 (Parker 132 -134). However, contemporary scholars are questioning the motivation behind the long ending. It appears that there is discomfort between the readers and scholars of Mark if the Gospel is to end in “The women went out and fled from the tomb for terror and amazement had seized them.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Gospel According to Mark - How Did It End Essay.
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