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Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Interpretation of Scripture - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Interpretation of Scripture " states that generally speaking, in his first major study, Bonhoeffer has maintained that Christ is a “collective person” and went to assert that the church is a “Christ-existing-as-community”. …
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Dietrich Bonhoeffers Interpretation of Scripture
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Extract of sample "Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Interpretation of Scripture"

Download file to see previous pages Subsequent generations of Christians have considered Bonhoeffer a model of Christian faithfulness and, certainly, an inspiration in regard to the struggle for justice as an expression of “costly grace.”
Central to Bonhoeffer’s principles centred around the reality of the transcendent God in Jesus Christ and the fact that the church became a continuing presence of the revelation of God in the world as it is a vehicle for revealing Jesus Christ to the world.2 Specifically, he used this to criticize the issue of social justice in regard to his lonely struggle against Nazism and his critique of the Christian church’s response to its policies.
As has been established, Bonhoeffer’s writings and theologies reflected what he had actually experienced. Throughout his life, he had to suffer the oppression of Nazism, both in the German Lutheran church and in German society. In the course of this experience, he would bitterly emphasize how the Church became passive witness to the atrocities committed by Hitler and his policies. From his childhood to his adult life and as a theologian, he became increasingly alarmed by a regime which seemed to him to be taking the authority of God upon itself. According to G. M. Newlands (2006):
His [Bonhoeffer’s] Christology led him to critique an ecclesiastical triumphalism which was unconcerned about those outside the church’s own ranks. This led him to see, as he put it, the form of Christ in the world and to look for a future involving a kind of non-religious Christianity.3
In his critic of the church, Bonhoeffer would constantly invoke the original Lutheran values which went against the deterioration of a Christian church. The Lutheran argument about the Christian church that had grown affluent and comfortable, manipulating monasticism to justify its own addiction to a status quo of wealth and privilege shaped his advocacy of Christian secular intervention. With his critique of the Lutheran church in his time, he would long for the original Lutheran spirituality that unraveled the ironic distortion of Christian life by leaving the monastery and preaching against monastic repudiation of the sinful world.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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