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Malcolm X: a Typical Religious American - Assignment Example

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This paper “Malcolm X: a Typical Religious American” aims to ascertain if Malcolm X is a typical religious American. In pursuing this task, it is imperative to know the religious affiliations of Malcolm X alongside with his religious advocacies and aspirations. His personal background is also important…
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Malcolm X: a Typical Religious American
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Extract of sample "Malcolm X: a Typical Religious American"

Download file to see previous pages His growing up years did not sound very appealing. He became involved in drug dealing, gambling, robbery, burglary, racketeering, steering prostitutes and carrying firearms in which he got imprisoned. In his prison cell, he denounced the bible and started the onsets of his connection with the Nation of Islam through his brother. He then maintained a connection with its leader, Elijah Muhammad. When he was finally released, he immediately joined the Nation of Islam, spread the Islamic teachings and became Malcolm X, symbolizing the rejection of ‘slaves names’ and the absence of an inherited African name. He soon became the minister of the Nation of Islam’s Temple Number Eleven after staying in Chicago with Elijah Muhammad2.
Malcolm X described himself as a Communist and was concluded by the FBI as having an “asocial personality with paranoid trends,” which they verified by him saying, “It is easier to believe that Malcolm X is crazy.”
Malcolm X referred to whites as “devils,” who were accidentally created by a black scientist in a misguided breeding program from which he predicted that the inevitable will soon unfold – the return of blacks to their natural place in the social order.3 He later left the Nation of Islam and joined mainstream Islam. In his autobiography, he said that the reason for the departure was the growing tension between him and Elijah Muhammad arising from his dismay of the latter’s commission of extra-marital affairs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Malcolm X: A Typical Religious American Assignment.
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