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An Overcorrection of Mary Magdalenes Biblical Role - Essay Example

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This paper "An Overcorrection of Mary Magdalene’s Biblical Role" discusses the story of Mary Magdalene. She has always seemed to intrigue many people: “though the information the Bible presents concerning Mary Magdalene is thin, she has long fascinated artists and religious leaders”…
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An Overcorrection of Mary Magdalenes Biblical Role
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Extract of sample "An Overcorrection of Mary Magdalenes Biblical Role"

Download file to see previous pages A purely theological approach to DVC would be impossible since the claims the book makes takes issue with what has been supposedly left out of the bible. This essay will in no way attempt to question whether any non-canonical gospels should be considered; that sort of investigation should be left to historians.

As Brandon Gilvin states in Solving the Da Vinci Code Mystery, “It’s difficult to start a discussion on the creation of the bible from the Bible itself” (7). As the word of God is being questioned, it does us no good to turn to the Gnostic Gospels, the main sources of the claims of Mary Magdalene’s and Jesus’ marriage. In these texts, Mary Magdalene is the most mentioned person after Jesus (Brown). It is of no theological interest to discuss whether there was a conspiracy against Mary Magdalene because she was the wife of Jesus. What is of theological interest, however, would be to return to the original biblical intentions of Mary Magdalene, look at how she became a prostitute in popular culture, and then examine the implications of The Da Vinci Code’s claims. Following these steps, we will see how these newest claims are every bit as damaging to the original role Mary Magdalene played in the bible as the idea that she was a prostitute.

Mary Magdalene is mentioned a total of thirteen times in the Bible, all of those times being in the Gospels. Matthew 27:56 tells about how she and many other women were present at Jesus’ crucifixion. Verse 61 tells about how she witnessed the tomb being rolled in front of Jesus’ grave. Chapter 28 tells about how Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Joses came to find an empty tomb upon the third day. Mark 15 and 16 follow basically the same story, and the only new information about Mary Magdalene is learned from Luke 8:2 when it states that “Mary called Magdalene, out of whom had come seven demons.”

It is not until we get to John 19 and 20 that we get a more detailed story and see an interaction between Mary Magdalene and Jesus.  Still, this is the only information that we have about her.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Overcorrection of Mary Magdalenes Biblical Role Essay.
“An Overcorrection of Mary Magdalenes Biblical Role Essay”.
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