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Just like the puzzle about Christianity, the Prometheus scientific-fiction film has received serious condemnation from among the believers and non-believers (Grayling, 2012). Such quick condemnation may in one perspective be viewed to mean that people are reluctant to appreciate…
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Download file to see previous pages We are then prompted to ask, what is the connection between science and religion? The key to Prometheus is the spoiler alert. In its proposition, the engineers with their religion of self-sacrifice are said to have seeded life on earth and elsewhere. Inferring from the film, the crucifixion of Jesus about 2000 years ago is said to have prompted a civil war among the engineers. The theme of the war was founded on the meaning of the Cross Event as practised on earth.
Ridley Scotts Prometheus has become the most debated film of the summer. It is beautiful and significant and presents human questions that appear the most primary of the time (Hey, 2008). However, whether the questions are asked well in the film and if the responses given out of that are satisfactory is debatable. One of the most controversial and intriguing thematic concern of the films is the involvement of an overt discussion of faith and science. The character of Dr Elizabeth is a scientist whose father was a missionary in the Catholic Church. The controversy arises in her character. The argument is pegged on the fact that she maintains her religious faith despite her argument for the evidence that an alien ancient species had used genetic engineering to create humanity in its image. Instead of questioning the concept of a supernatural creator, Elizabeth shifts her belief to the credence of an intergalactic God who made the creator species.
The 1968 ‘Chariots of the Gods book by Erich Daniken promotes the pseudoscience ‘ancient astronaut theory (Juhant & Žalec, 2011). It is quite interesting to imagine how the scientific community would react to Scotts move to embrace this approach. However, it would be more interesting to contemplate the reaction of the religious communities to its plotline. The belief in an external force that plays a role in the creation of humanity could be a concept that has the potential for both anger and delight among the religious groups. It should be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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RELIGION IN PROMETHEUS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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