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What important contribution or contributions did this scholar make to the field of biblical studies - Essay Example

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He was a protestant theologian and founder and leader of the (new) Tubingen School of theology. Baur presented that second century Christianity depicted that fusion of two combatant theses: Jewish Christianity and Gentile…
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What important contribution or contributions did this scholar make to the field of biblical studies
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Download file to see previous pages The ancient history of Christian biblical interpretation has been molded by great and famous philosophers and scholars who travels deep into the sea of Christian text and interpret it according to their believe and philosophy1. The contents of the New Testament have been contributed by scholars such as Baur, however, criticism of this same testament can also be found too by the same scholar.
In F. C Baur mixture of history and theology, the historical exploration of Christian antiquity has helped in forging a path to comprehend the Christianity faith2. This helps crossing the hurdle the Enlightenment’s separation of the rational truth from (if and then) history. Baur contributed to the New Testaments by studying the theology and unfolding the Christianity beliefs and faith rather than just studying its origin. He further believed that truth can be beheld only in a particular history and that is id illustrated only in historical development. His objective was to speak of God in terms of self-divine revelation.
Tubingen school attempted to merge the church’s teaching with philosophy and biblical texts. One of the most successful people to carry out this interpretation was Ferdinand Christian Baur, but opened up new areas in the New Testament for controversies. His one of the major and significant contribution was attracting attention to the dive and believes in God and religion within New Testaments and established principles of raw historical comprehension of the Bible. He rejected Supernaturalism and implemented Hegelian dialectic to the Testament. Through this he found out basic tension between the Pauline and Petrine theology, hence, the documents and words of the New Testaments tried to smoothen the fight between the Jewish and Gentile church. He believed that the authenticity of other books can be judged by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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