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The Basic Principles of the Islamic Religion: the Words of the Holy Quran - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses the Islamic religion extensively, and it gives a better understanding of the religion that has often been stereotyped as a “boy scout movement” that teaches twisted teachings about terrorism and oppresses women…
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The Basic Principles of the Islamic Religion: the Words of the Holy Quran
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Extract of sample "The Basic Principles of the Islamic Religion: the Words of the Holy Quran"

Download file to see previous pages Mohammad Ibn Abd Allah was born in the year 570 CE in Mecca (modern day Saudi Arabia). At the time of Mohammad’s birth, Mecca and the surrounding region Hijaz were the sites of worship for three important idols, believed to be “the daughters of Allah” one God. People came from Western and Central Arabia to worship at the sanctuary in Mecca called Kaaba, the House of God. Abraham their ancestor built the Kaaba some two thousand years before Mohammad’s birth, but it had since become more of a community-gathering place, and the worship of idols had overtaken the genuine worship of one God. Muhammad refused to worship the idols and tribal deities and instead preferred to worship one God of Abraham. He then began retreating for prayer, in a small cave in the mountains near Mecca, at the age of forty where he prayed and meditated about the meaning of his life. After five years of yearly retreating in the cave during Ramadan, the angel Gabriel appeared to him. Gabriel declared Muhammad a messenger of God and made him recite a set of sacred words coming from the Divine. The Quran comprises of the recitations of the revelations he received for the next 22 years (O’connor, 2009).
His teaching of these revelations in Mecca was met with numerous resistances mostly because his message posed a threat to polytheism and other political as well as economic powers. As a result of this, Mohammad found his first followers in the lower class society along with people who wanted a new social order. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Basic Principles of the Islamic Religion: The Words of the Holy Research Paper.
“The Basic Principles of the Islamic Religion: The Words of the Holy Research Paper”, n.d.
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