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Islamic Faith - Essay Example

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Islamic Faith
Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, was born in Quraysh family in the northwestern region of Arabia, Hijaz. Muhammad attained a taste for rich language of Arabs, which the Arabs love a lot and learned the patience of herdsmen…
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Islamic Faith
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Islamic Faith

Download file to see previous pages... This was the beginning of Islam. One day, while was meditating in the cave, Angel Gabriel came on God’s orders and recited: “In the name of thy Lord who created, created man from a clot of blood” (Religion, 2012) The message of Islam was revealed by Muhammad to his friends and family at first. After that, as the number of revelations on him begin to increase, celebrating the oneness of God, preaching of Muhammad augmented. It was the destitute slaves who were revealed at first, but the revelations spread finally to whole of Mecca including the rich.The revelations are integrated in Quran, which is the Scripture of Islam. Not everybody at that time accepted the message of God brought by Muhammad. Even the people from his own clan rejected the teachings and message and many traders and merchants were on the forefront in opposition. However, the hostility helped to sharpen the sense of mission and understanding of religion brought about by Muhammad on how precisely Islam is different from paganism (Religion, 2012) The paramount of Islam is belief in unity of God and this is the basis of religion Islam. The verses of Quran also stress upon the uniqueness of God, and warn people of warnings that God has given if they don’t follow the right path. Quran also announcing the punishment people will receive if they disobey God after their death. After the death, people will be judged among the rights and wrongs they did in the world and will be given punishment or great success by God as Quran promises. On the Day of Judgment, everyone will be gifted according to the deeds they performed on Earth. God will measure their faith and faithful will be rewarded while sinful punished. Polytheism is refuted in Islam as practiced by Meccans of that time (Religion, 2012) Five Pillars The five pillars of Islam are as follows: 1. Faith The faith is that there is no other god except Allah (God) who should be worshipped and Muhammad His messenger, or Prophet. The statement of faith is known is known as Shahada, an easy formula that faithful acclaim. In Arabic, first part of Qalima is la ilaha illa Llah which states there is no god except Allah (God) and the other part Muhammadur rasulu’Llah which means Muhammad is God’s messenger on earth (Islamic City, 2013). 2. Prayer Salaat is an Arabic name for Prayer is the compulsory prayer for all followers of Islam. It is the best connection between worshipper and God and also the shortest one. Islam negates hierarchy and prayers are led by someone who has profound knowledge of Quran. This person is chosen by the congregation. The prayer timings are dawn, mid-afternoon, noon, nightfall, and sunset. Prayers set the rhythm of entire day for a Muslim (follower of Islam). These prayers contain Quranic verses and are delivered in Arabic. Salat is an Arabic word which is also called Namaz (Islamic City, 2013). 3. Zakat One of the eminent principles of Islam say that wealth given to human beings by Allah is a trust upon them hold by Allah. The word Zakat means growth and purification. By giving Zakat, all the belongings of a man are purified as Zakat believes in giving others and is like giving water to plants where your reap good results, cutting money and balances encourages growth and prosperity for the people. Each Muslim (follower of Islam) calculates Zakat by himself or herself. For most reasons, the payment of Zakat is every year of 2 and a half year of one’s own capital. Zakat, according to Islam, keeps money flowing in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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