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New Believers - Essay Example

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As one of the new believers, I encounter numerous challenges in my daily life. Subject to the fact that I need to survive and succeed economically, socially, and spiritually, I have…
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New Believers
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Extract of sample "New Believers"

New Believers New Believers In the modern world, new believers and generally everybody encounters very many challenges. As oneof the new believers, I encounter numerous challenges in my daily life. Subject to the fact that I need to survive and succeed economically, socially, and spiritually, I have developed different insights. Notably, my insights entail things that encourage me in fresh ways. As such, the insights enable me to cope with the challenges that I encounter in my daily life. Ideally, my most prominent insights include the Bible or the Godly teachings, advice from my spiritual leader, and guidance from my mother. This paper will share these insights.
As a new believer, the Bible and its teachings offers a lot of insight to many challenges. The Bible is the believers’ reference as it defines how we should live and what God promises us as believers. Indeed, the Biblical teachings address almost all problems that believers may experience. As such, when I face challenges in life, I find encouragement from the Bible since the Bible asserts that everything happens to the glory of God and that God cannot subject us to challenges that we cannot overcome. Indeed, my assurance relies on the promises of God (North American Mission Board, 1993). Most assuredly, the Bible reckons that as believers, we are overcomers. Indeed, God wants us to know that believers have eternal life based on the facts found in the Bible (North American Mission Board, 1993). Therefore, anytime I read the Bible, I draw a lot of encouragement well knowing that even Jesus Christ faced major challenges despite being the son of God. Nevertheless, just as Jesus overcame, the Bible teaches me that as a believer, I will overcome.
Advice from my spiritual leader also acts as an insight in my life. Indeed, it has always been encouraging to share spiritual challenges with spiritual person. My spiritual offers me encouraging advice based on Godly teachings. Indeed, his advice relies on Biblical interpretations. As a new believer, I have limited knowledge on Biblical interpretations and hence I seek the counsel of my spiritual leader. Moreover, he prays for me and preaches to me with a view of helping me understand human challenges in the spiritual life. Indeed, he acts as my confidante as I tell him anything that is disturbing me. In many occasions, my spiritual leader has helped me to address spiritual and human challenges.
Ultimately, guidance from my mother acts as an insight in my life. Ideally, a parent acts as the earthily God who is very significant in child development (Nauert, 2010). In case of certain challenges related to family and societal matters, my mother offers me subtle guidance and encouragement. Indeed, as the only parent that I have, my mother has been instrumental in offering me emotional and financial support whenever challenges come my way. Most specifically, I rely on her guidance in handling certain marital issues. In fact, she helped me to prepare for marriage and parenting which were significant challenges in my life (Nauert, 2010). As such, just as the Bible dictates, I obey my parent and value her guidance in tackling various family and societal challenges. Ideally, with these insights, I always feel encouraged to face various challenges as a new believer.
Nauert, R. (2010). Parental Guidance Key Concept in Child Development. Retrieved from:
North American Mission Board. (1993). Beginning Steps for New Believers. Retrieved from: C:\Users\Acer\Downloads\Beginning_Steps_NIV.pdf Read More
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New Believers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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