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Ethical Viewpoints - Essay Example

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Since time immemorial, being ordered toward the objective of procreation and unity of spouses well-being- marriage has always been a covenant between man and woman. According to anti-gay marriage activists, same sex marriages contradict this ideology and therefore oppose nature…
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Ethical Viewpoints
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Extract of sample "Ethical Viewpoints"

College: Unit: Main arguments opposing same sex marriage in the USA Since time immemorial, being ordered toward the objective of procreation and unity of spouses well-being- marriage has always been a covenant between man and woman. According to anti-gay marriage activists, same sex marriages contradict this ideology and therefore oppose nature. People of the same sex regardless of their wealth, race, stature or fame should not be able to marry due to the overwhelming biological impossibility. This union does not create a family but promotes a naturally sterile union.
Moreover, in the case of gay couples adopting children, they deny the child’s development of being under the influence of a mother and a father. This deprivation imposes the same difficulty faced by children raised by a single parent. True marriage provides normal conditions of a normal atmosphere beneficial for the upbringing of children
Most arguments additionally stipulate that, same sex marriage just serves to validate and promote the homosexual lifestyle. Gradually, these arguments have profoundly been modifying everyone’s perception and evaluations of behavior. Eventually, the legal system will completely embrace this type of abominable marriage and thus shadow certain basic moral values and cripple public morality. Morally this union is wrong and legal recognition will simply change this moral wrong to a civil right.
Eventually, anti-gay activists state that legalizing same sex marriage will force the whole society to accept and the state will have to form laws that punish people especially state employees that express disapproval. This is because marriage affects the whole of society and this new pigment will compel others to betray their consciences.
Main arguments in favor of same sex marriage in the USA
People attracted with the same sex have gradually been coming out of their closet actively demanding that they have the right to legally get married in same sex unions. Today’s generation is very liberal and they are not afraid to express what they feel. Some of the arguments echo the fact that everyone should be given the chance to form a lifelong bond with the partner they choose.
They argue that it is their civil right to be recognized just like the same recognition was given to heterosexual relationships so should it be given to homosexuals. The law is for all and thus should not create a gap between people in a second class who will have lesser rights than others. This will be discriminating and thus not right.
Arguments reiterate that Homosexuals are human too hand since everyone is born equal and free there should be no reason that should oppose the union of two men if they deeply love each other. Undeniably, homosexuals cannot bear children but this should not deter same sex marriages even if the point of marriage is to conceive. If so then why do old and infertile people legally adopt children?
Same sex activists insist that those against gay marriages have generally refused to get out from their cocoon of ignorance in accepting gay people as human beings. Being gay, they argue is simply being truthful to one and refusing to live life as a lie. Moreover, the bible sates that one should not judge others lest they also be judged. In essence, opting for same sex marriage is a choice and should not thus be conveyed as sin. Lastly, they argue that opinions should ultimately affect legal decisions and thus if you just don’t like it don’t do it. Same sex marriages are not harming anyone in any way.
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