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1: Discussion Questions - Assignment Example

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Before discussing whether same-sex marriages are morally acceptable or not, let us get a better understanding of what same-sex marriages actually are. Same sex marriages refer to the formation of such marital relationships that involve people from the same gender. In such…
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Assignment 1: Discussion Questions
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DISCUSSION QUESTION goes here] [Your goes here] [Due the paper] Same-Sex Marriages Before discussing whether same-sex marriages are morally acceptable or not, let us get a better understanding of what same-sex marriages actually are. Same sex marriages refer to the formation of such marital relationships that involve people from the same gender. In such relationships, men are attracted towards men and women are attracted towards the same gender. “A homosexual is actually a bisexual who feels more attracted to the same sex than the opposite sex” (Roy, 2011, p. 1).
I believe that the concept of same-sex marriage is a social deviance because this marital relationship lies beyond the concept of morality. In my view, a proper family is essential for the existence and development of a society. I do not consider same-sex marriages morally acceptable because they give rise to sexual frustration in a society, as well as harm the foundations of the institution of marriage. One of the main moral principles supporting my viewpoint is that women are made for men and men for women and that only the members of opposite genders can form and run a proper family system. The theory of rule non-consequentialists seems to be supporting my viewpoint that gay and lesbian couples deteriorate the foundations of the traditional family system because they can neither fulfill the sexual desires of each other nor they can give birth to children. Moreover, same-sex marriages result in decreasing the available work force because gays and lesbians are unable to produce children.
Summing it up, marriage refers to the existence of an upright and affectionate marital relationship between the members of opposite genders. Same-sex marriages are considered immoral because they are against the basic social and moral principles.
Roy, S. (2011). The Psychology of Homosexuality. Retrieved from Read More
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