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Eng 45 - Essay Example

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After a scrutiny of Harold Crane’s life where he took a lot after his mother and she was a stern individual on religious morals and values, this explains the religious aspect in his poem.
The poem begins with a bell rope that…
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Eng 45
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Download file to see previous pages In the first stanza the poet is also being called by the rope, he is instead in a terrible state that he is dispatched and left to wonder along the cathedral.
The image portrayed by this line is that, the poet steps from hell but only to get his feet inserted in the cold. The cathedral does not give him the chance and opportunity to speak to God as it does other people. This is a description of the poets suffering, from the lines in the first stanza it is obvious that the life he lives does not offer much comfort.
He speaks of God as a sign that he knows of His existence but, the thought stops there he knows but does not believe. A peek into Harts life show how much he believes in his talents. He saw himself a s a genius who was being persecuted by the world for his sexual beliefs. On several instances he used it to his advantage.
The poem echoes the Greek tragedy in the tale of Orpheus, he descended in the underground and came back to enlighten the rest of the world of his experiences of hell. His underground was his escape from home; rough gay bars of New York. His writing a way of letting the world know of his experience. Crane saw himself as a tragic figure and his sexual orientation and the problems it caused him seem central to this.    
There is corps of shadows in the bell tower, even before the sun is up or the bells are rung. The corps could be a representation of earlier poets whose greatness allowed them the power to roam the world in the peaceful morning while everyone is still asleep. The poet gives the human power Godly abilities of having life after death. The same way Jesus did his work, and served the people and died for their sins but he sits in heaven (Luke, 23) and watches over mankind even while in their sleep.
The poet seeks same greatness, as a reader one sees this in his writing the way he speaks of corps who roam along the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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