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Event and Mysteries Surrounding Apollo - Literature review Example

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The paper 'Event and Mysteries Surrounding Apollo' focuses on the myths that surround gods and beings in the ancient world greatly reflect the modern belief system. This is because of the similarities which modern religion and beliefs have with the ancient myths…
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Event and Mysteries Surrounding Apollo
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Extract of sample "Event and Mysteries Surrounding Apollo"

Download file to see previous pages Apollo was a son of Zeus and Leto. He was born under difficult circumstances as his mother, Leto was on the run all over the earth looking for a peaceful place to rest and give birth. Hera, the wife of Zeus was caught up with jealousy after discovering that his husband was expecting a child with his lover Leto (Hugh, 17). Thence, this led her to give Leto a chase so she could not get a place to rest and give birth. Luckily, Leto was able to find a place on Delos island where she was received warmly and after nine days of labor, she bore twins, Apollo and his sister Artemis. Themis gave aid to Leto when was giving birth. Zeus became pleased and welcomed the twins giving them both silver bows and arrows. He also assured Themis that she would not be bothered in matters concerning marriage as she could live freely if she never intends to be married. Zeus gave to Apollo a golden and magnificent chariot that was pulled by swans.
After the delivery, Leto had little strength to continue. Apollo was born under a palm tree which later became a sacred place on the slopes of mount Cynthus. Before the birth of Apollo the island Delos was floating but their delivery became anchored to the earth.
Upon the birth of Apollo, Themis gave him ambrosia and nectar which made to rise and requested for a bow and a lyre. He then made a declaration that he was to bring the men of the world to the realm of his father. This made Delos glad and wrapped herself up with golden flowers. The birth Apollo is believed to be in the seventh month according to the ancient tradition. This made the seventh month sacred to him that it was celebrated after through sacrifices and festivals according to Hugh (36). Apollo was known as the god with the bow and arrows. He never tolerated the wicked and the overburdening whom he punished and destroyed. He never missed hitting things from afar with his darts as he was thought to be good at it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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