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They are a Native American tribe found in northeastern Arizona (Whiteley 19). An elder encountered a rattlesnake that, naturally, got nervous and defensive. However,…
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Give a topic
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Indigenous Beliefs In summary, the quote in the first paragraph portrays the Hopi as atheists and very superstitiouspeople. They are a Native American tribe found in northeastern Arizona (Whiteley 19). An elder encountered a rattlesnake that, naturally, got nervous and defensive. However, according to him, the rattlesnake calmed down because of his body’s warmth and singing. He then had three days and nights of “good prayer” with the snake. This shows that although they believe in a supernatural power, they also practice idolatry.
The second paragraph is intriguing in the way it describes how indigenous humans developed relationships with the spiritual world. It brings out their affiliation towards worshiping things they can see rather than an invisible power. They believe all animals and plants, large and small, have powers because the perceived great spirits have a presence in them. This includes non living things like rocks. They also believe that humans need to bow down to nature and have patience as it helps them in their short lives. Another fascinating point by the people of the Pacific islands is their belief that the power of the spirits is concentrated in certain beings and places. They believe that these powers are the ones that enable them to display unusual insights, strength and effectiveness. As described by Tlakaelel, the spiritual leader, such powers may be found in objects like specially made mirrors that concentrate power. The leader believes that when one reaches a point that they can concentrate with all their being, it’s a moment of light full of ecstasy. It is also interesting the way it is pointed out that such sacred sites may be recognized by the powers felt by the believers within their vicinities.

Work Cited
Whiteley, Peter. Deliberate Acts. Arizona: University of Arizona Press, 1988. Print. Read More
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