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Witness report 3 - Research Paper Example

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Sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God was my ultimate goal and in my sharing, I talked about love. I believe that God is the source of…
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Witness report 3
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Extract of sample "Witness report 3"

Witness report 3 Witness report 3 Jesus Christ is the ultimate witness as we see in John 18:37 and I used that opportunity to share the joy and hope that fills my heart. Sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God was my ultimate goal and in my sharing, I talked about love. I believe that God is the source of all things love, and all humanity should be exemplary of love and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I quoted my statements from Matthew 22: 34-40 and John 14:15. I mentioned that the love that God had for mankind made him give us Jesus Christ, His only son to die for the sins of mankind. This served as an encouragement to the audience because I told them that making a choice to surrender their life to Christ was the best way to enjoy His love and sacrifice. However, I made it clear I would not force them to make the choice, and they were free to make their decision when they were ready because God’s timing is the best timing.
I told them that receiving Jesus Christ as their savior was a personal choice, and whoever chose to do so would marvel and share in the great love of our Father in heaven. They would suffer no more from worldly afflictions as they would see life from in a new perspective as a child of God (Westcott 2003, 64). Some of the listeners had their objections as they commented that they were not sure of love and freedom it would bring. My answer to them was that faith was what they needed as I quoted Hebrews 11:6. At the end of my witness, I asked for those interested in giving their to life to God to step forward and pray with me as they professed their acceptance of God’s love and will upon their lives. A few of them came, and we prayed together, and they accepted to live in the light of the word of God.
Westcott, R. 2003. Personal Evangelism: How to Share your Faith. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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